Astro Photography


In this workshop you learn how to take pictures of the night sky and its objects with your digital camera. In the end of the photo session I will also show, how to develop the RAW files on the computer.


  • Digital camera that takes RAW files and has manual settings for aperture, shutter speed, ISO and WB (white balance)
  • Handling your own camera and basic knowledge about the topics of the Photography Basics
  • Wide angle lens with fast aperture (f/1.4 - f/2.8), but any lens will do when setting higher ISO
  • Tripod


  • Only bring red flashlights so we maintain our night vision!
  • Wear warm clothing, gloves and bring thermos flask with hot beverage
  • For easy orientation around the night sky I recommend free Astro-Apps for Smartphone or Tablet like "Star Walk 2"
milky way and mountains


Duration:3 - 4 h
Attendees:4 - 6
Price:€ 90,- (incl. 20% VAT)
Location:Kaltenberg, 2813 Lichtenegg in Bucklige Welt region