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"Health and Nature go hand in hand"

Nature and Health

It is a scientific fact that nature and health interact with each other. The International Journal of Environmental Research and Public Health indicated in a study, that five minutes in nature can support recovery from stress.

Unfortunately not everyone has the chance to get a lunch break at the park or a forest. Fortunately our brain is smart enough to trigger this recovery effect even by looking at nature images.

Nature pictures to cope daily stress

For this purpose I use pictures with balanced proportions, which have a relaxing effect. I focus on capturing the natural atmosphere of the scenery in my photographs without post processing because our brain perceives heavily edited images as irritating which would render them useless for this purpose.

Your individual Project

As educated interior designer, I analyze your premises and present you with suitable pictures from my collection of more than 30,000 nature and landscape images. Glass-framed pictures, ready-to-hang canvas gallery wraps, rollups or ceiling designs - I will consult you on creative solutions!

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Best Practice Scenarios

  • Supporting the stress management of persons in companies (burn-out prevention)
  • Increasing the quality of meetings through a natural ambiance that reduces the emergence of tensions in conversations
  • Recreation areas for optimal breaks
  • Relaxation of the clinically sterile atmosphere in healthcare facilities to reduce anxiety stress before examinations and direct patients thoughts towards recovery
  • Representative effect through an exclusive and aesthetic ambience in foyers and waiting rooms