Photography Workshops

"It is not important to be better than someone else,
but to be better than you were yesterday."

Kanō Jigorō - Founder of Jūdō

Workshop I - Photography Basics

Workshop I - 'Photography Basics'

Learn the basics of photography and practice them outdoors under my supervision.
Ideal for beginners and everyone else who wants to join a compact workshop about Photography Basics.

Workshop II - "Mastering Light"

Workshop II - 'Mastering Light'

Learn how to work with given light and how to control all wanted and unwanted reflections.
Ideal for advanced learners, who want to "master" natural light and any kind of reflections.

Moving Water

Workshop 'Moving Water'

Learn how to photograph moving water, either to frame every drop crystal clear or to get silky smooth streams.
This workshop takes place along the nature trail "Wildwasser" in the Wechsel region.

Autumnal Höllental (Rax)

Workshop 'Autumnal Höllental'

Mountains, crystal clear water, autumnal forests and maybe also the rare sight of a kingfisher.
A hike along the nature trail "Wiener Wasserleitungsweg" with countless possibilities for great photos.

Astro Photography

Workshop 'Astro Photography'

Starsigns and Milky Way - in this workshop you learn how to take photos of them with your digital camera.
To achieve best results, this workshop takes place during the time of new moon and at places with little "light pollution".

Perseids: Astro Event in August

Astro Workshop 'Perseids'

The annual recurring Perseid meteor shower is a special event - not only for astro-photographers.
To maximize the count of photographs with meteors, this workshop takes place during the peak activity between 9 and 14 August.